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The European Centre of Business and Innovation of Albacete (ECBI Albacete) is a Europeanlevel foundation, whose objectives are to promote the creation of new innovative companies as well as to foster new lines of business activity in existing companies.

It is an organisation which specialises in attracting and managing European funds intended for the economic and social improvement of Albacete. To that end it has multilingual staff and a business centre to co-opt newly set up companies.

Albacete has an investor service committee, dedicated to channelling for the investor the entire process of setting up investor's company as smoothly as possible.

Albacete is a prime location for business investment having a climate of social peace based on smooth relations between unions, provincial employers and corporate associations.




It offers, among others, the following services and assistance to businesses and entrepreneurs:
Municipal grants and subsidies for hiring of employees from certain groups.

Labour market intermediation for the recruitment of personnel, through the Municipal Job Placement Agency, comprising of:
Advice on recruitment and staffing and possible subsidies.
Advice so as to determine the professional profiles suitable for the companies' needs.

Technical support regarding the most appropriate selection process to be used in each case.

Undertaking of the pre-selection and/or the final selection phases, depending on the demand of each company.

Option of carrying out the procedures via the Internet or telephone thus saving time for the company.

Assignment of premises so as to carry out the selection tests and/or training.

Option of signing specific collaboration agreements so as to undertake joint training and/or work experience in the company.

In the event that the process finally culminates in hiring, it offers the option of advertising the company on the website of the City Council of Albacete as a "collaborating company".

Advice to businesses and entrepreneurs through Self-Employment Centre, whose services include:

  • Advice as regards the undertaking of procedures for setting up and launching new business ventures.
  • PAIT (Advisory and Procedure Initiation Points) in collaboration with the Directorate General for Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises, for the electronic processing of ordinary limited companies and new companies.
  • Through this service, people who wish to start their business activity as a limited company or as self-employers may comply with the registration formalities without the need of going to the competent bodies to register same during the various procedures.
  • Assistance in searching and finding land and premises.
  • Information and processing of files for Rebates on the Buildings, Installations and Works Tax.
  • The City Council of Albacete may recognise a rebate of up to 95% on the municipal tax on Buildings, Installations and Works in favour of the buildings, installations and infrastructure works which are declared of special interest or municipal utility as meeting the social, cultural, historic artistic circumstances or the promotion of employment which justifies such a declaration.
  • Said declaration shall correspond to the Plenary Session of the Corporation and shall be adopted, upon prior request by the taxpayer, by a simple majority vote of its members.
  • Tax on Commercial and Professional Activities
  • As regards the Tax on Commercial and Professional Activities which shall enjoy a rebate for the creation of employment up to a maximum of 50% of the corresponding tax, for taxpayers who pay taxes for municipal tax and who have increased their average number of employees in their workforce with permanent contracts during the tax period immediately preceding the application of the rebate in relation to the period before that, in the workplaces of the municipality of Albacete in which the taxpayer is the titleholder.
  • To be eligible for that rebate, it shall be necessary that the net amount of the taxpayer's turnover does not exceed ten million Euros.
  • The percentage rebate will depend on what the average increase of employees in the workforce with full-time permanent contracts (excluding seasonal and part-time contracts) actually is.



Location and contact details:
City Council of Albacete
Department for Employment, Industry, Commerce and Technology
Calle Carmen, 4, bajo. 02005. Albacete
Phone 967193001

European Centre for Business and Innovation of Albacete
Phone 967 616 000

Municipal Job Placement Agency
Phone 967218821

Self-Employment Centre
Phone 967521686


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