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Councillors Juan Marcos Molina and Juan Carlos López Garrido and delegate of the Board, Javier Cuenca, received in the Consistory to the delegation headed by the mayor of the Ecuadorian town, Jorge Zambrano | 05-03-2015

Albacete City Council yesterday hosted the official reception hosted a delegation from the Ecuadorian city of Manta, led by its mayor, Jorge Zambrano, who came to Albacete after visiting other Spanish cities like Torrejón de Ardoz, and with goal post in urban reform developed by Albacete. The mayor said he was surprised Campollano Business Park, which has allowed the industry was in the village moved to the polygon, a task in which they want to work in your city.
The Deputy Mayor of Albacete, Juan Carlos López Garrido; Councilman Employment, Trade, Industry and Technology, Juan Marcos Molina, and the provincial delegate of the Community Board, Javier Cuenca, received the delegation in the Town Hall, where they treated the media, highlighting the positive aspects of such meetings.
The reason for this visit, Molina said, is knowing the Strategic Plan Manta plans to develop ahead of 2025 and that has to do with economic development and tourism in this city.
"The investment we are planning revolves around 100 million dollars," said the councilman, indicating that this is an opportunity that "from Albacete have seen encuadrable within the Municipal Plan for Competitiveness and Job Creation synergies that may arise from the economic and business sense. " In this regard, said that with these exchanges, there may be Albacete companies wishing to operate in term of Manta and can provide synergies to develop in the city of Albacete.
"We will also try to exchange information on economic models not forget that Manta is very similar to Albacete city with around 250,000 inhabitants," said, mentioning that "we similarities we believe is useful to explore and try to to take advantage of.
For its part, the mayor of Manta showed interest in the process of urban reform made enAlbacete. The Ecuadorian delegation visited Campollano and were "amazed at how they managed to industry within the city was moved to the estate."
"We have come to Albacete because it similar to our population and the actions performed motivated us to be here", he added Zambrano, noting that Manta is a port city, where increased production and export of tuna exists in the South Pacific, and in which there are Spanish investment, canned Isabel. The delegate of the Board highlighted the regional delGobierno support Municipal Competitiveness Plan, which "lay a solid foundation for strengthening the productive fabric of the city and strengthen job creation that is already occurring in Albacete and the rest of the region ".
He added in this regard that twinning conManta "is a great opportunity to publicize the benefits of Albacete and position the city internationally"
After the reception, the delegation coming from Manta and Municipal and regional delGobierno members held several meetings and a meal at which representatives of laConfederación of Employers of Albacete (FEDA).

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