Albacete (originally called Al-Basit, in Arabic "El Llano" which translates as "the plain" in reference to the flat nature and the plateau that characterises the geography of the area) is a Spanish city located to the southeast of the Central Plateau, specifically in the historical region of La Mancha that is, specifically "La Mancha Montearagón", although it is currently located within the region of Llanos of Albacete, being the only municipality in this region It is the capital of the province of Albacete, belonging to the autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha, and is the seat of the High Court of Justice of the autonomous community.

The geographical location of Albacete is:
Latitude: 38° 59' 44" N
Longitude: 1° 51' 21" 0
Altitude above sea level: 686m.
NW-SE Distance: 3.6 km.
W-E Distance: 3.3 km.

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